French Language

Introducing an International Language at Grade IV till VIII with a purpose to develop acceptance of different regional, national or International cultures as well as exposure. With this step we have brought about a great variation in learning which is thoroughly being enjoyed by the students.

Sign Language

The initiative of the Sign Language programme aims to help us develop an inclusive, tolerant, progressive and diverse environment where every member contributes towards the development of a proactive society. A society that accepts differences and provides space to all… to nurture and grow… It’s helping the students appreciate the real wonders of the world, the ones we take for-granted every day.

Learn O Bots

LearnOBots is an educational technology company that promotes STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) based creative hands on learning and DIY culture in Pakistan. Offered at Secondary School level, the program enables our children to do hands on activities include making and programming robots, learning about 3D modeling and printing, doing experiments with circuits, exploring Space through Virtual Reality and much more.

Oxford Reading Tree/Floppy's Phonics

Oxford Reading Tree/Floppy Phonics Sounds and Letters offered at Pre School Level, this programme enables children to read, spell and write well, no matter what their individual needs and abilities are. The sound base developed at this level through comprehensive multi sensory resources and practical guidance help the students throughout their academic career.


This programme was introduced to fight against the incorrect pronunciation that the students were coming up with while recitation tests. We hope to help our students get better, as the most difficult thing is to unlearn.

Art & Craft

Art provides students with a multitude of options for expressing and communicating their ideas. It gives them non- academic excellence such as aesthetic awareness and promotion of creativity

Public Speaking Skills

Public speaking can enrich the speaker’s personal and professional life along with providing opportunities to influence the outside world. It helps boost a student’s self esteem while improving confidence level.